Surprise! Google Messages Will Soon Let You Create a Profile Similar to WhatsApp

Google Messages has been updated frequently in recent weeks, focusing on the interface and privacy. The messaging app has been spotted with a slightly redesigned account switcher that matches the Material You are theming. End-to-end encryption for groups of up to 100 people was recently added to the service, up from the previous limit of 21 members.

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A new leak, however, has revealed that the messaging app is working on a new Messages feature that will allow users to create their own profiles. Users will be able to create a profile with a photo and personally identifiable information, similar to what is available on Telegram and WhatsApp, with this upcoming feature.

A Reddit user first noticed the oddity when he saw the new functionality in the beta version of the app, but it couldn't be used. You can create a profile with your email address and then upload a profile picture, as suggested by the tipster.

There may be a visibility option to choose whether the public, contacts or just you can read your profile. If your privacy is set to public, anyone who sends you a message can see your profile information if you respond to them.

"The user will need to provide their email address and upload a profile picture to create a profile," a Reddit user noted.

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Although the exact functionality of this new feature is unknown, other messaging platforms frequently include a visibility option as part of the profile setup. You'll also find toggles for receiving notifications whenever one of your contacts makes a new update, most likely a minor change to their name or phone number, under the profile settings menu.

Another innovation that has been tried in conjunction with the profile function is personalized alerts. Google Messages will always notify you if a contact creates a profile or changes any information. Because the profile's interface is still in its early stages and will most likely undergo significant changes in the coming months, the user can disable these warnings in the settings menu.

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