How to Disable Right Click on Images in Blogger?

By disabling right-click on images it helps a lot because we can save our own images copied by copycats. After disabling the right click, the mouse right click will not work on blogger images.

image by shutterstock

Do you know we can disable right-click on images in blogger blogs without adding any javascript?

Yes, With on context menu attribute, we can disable right-click on blogger images with a simple code.

How to Disable below Right Click on Images Step by Step.

Step 1: Go to the blogger dashboard > Click on Posts

click on posts

Step 2: View post > HTML View

Check the HTML Code of the image

Step 3: Now paste this code below the image code

oncontextmenu="return false;" 

add oncontextmenu="return false;" to image tag , like below
<image oncontextmenu="return false;" ............../>

image- code-of-blogger-
paste code below the tag

Your job is done. Bookmark for more updates.
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