Hiw Artists use Youtube Shorts to Grow Rapidly?

YouTube's video platform, Youtube Shorts, saw a surge in subscriptions for content creators, particularly musicians. On the social media platform, artists have used short videos to quickly grow their followers.

Artists use Youtube Shorts to Rapidly Grow Subscribers
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YouTube has seen an increase in the number of cross-format creators since the introduction of short videos two years ago. The new platform focuses on videos under 1 minute. YouTube is for multi-format creators who create long-form and short-form content. Moreover, the social media company is paying some record labels and musicians to create Shorts. 

Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s global head of music, believes it’s an important opportunity for both, the fans and the artists. He sees a “huge opportunity” in the short-form space. However, Cohen expressed concern that some viewers might only watch short-form content without exploring the artist’s deeper, longer-form work like music videos and interviews. The YouTube executive described short-form videos that don’t link to long-form content as “junk food”. 

Cohen thinks short-form video could help crowdsource and make it easier for kids to find the soundtrack of their youth. But he says the user has to be promoted and has to direct him or her to long-form content. 

The users have to be guided to learn and discover to become a fan. Nicki Shamel, senior vice-president of global commercial partnerships at AWAL, says they must trust the content creators or artists to guide how they want to express themselves and communicate with their fans. He believes it has to be a personal choice and something authentic to them. However, many content creators are feeling the heat. Most prefer to create short content because there is little pressure.

 Content creators see shorthand as “a fun and inspiring way to interact and communicate.” Last month, YouTube highlighted that mobile audiences need content that fits their active lives, diverse interests, and a broad range of interests. And multiform creators fill that need. They adapt content strategies and implement distinctive and specialized YouTube video formats and analytics.

These multi-format creators are bringing YouTube into the next wave of the creator economy.

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