Whatsapp Plans to Bring blur Tool in its Future Beta Update

Creative Commons Licensed image by Alvaro Ilbanez ( Flickr )

In a future WhatsApp Beta update, Meta company intends to add a blur tool in the media editor. This tool isn't yet fit to be delivered to beta clients and is presently a work in progress.

Another option will be given in the application. that will enable us to swiftly blur out a portion of the image without the use of any third party apps available . This feature was already given to IOS users last year as another upgrade to the existing options, and this year they intend to give it in the next Whatsapp beta  update for Android.

Whatsapp intends to provide a unique drawing tool on the desktop version as well. WhatsApp just released two new tools to the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS, but it is unclear whether they will be available on desktop version as well.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is releasing a new update via the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to WhatsApp appears to have been working on its own version of the Memoji/Bitmoji avatars since March, and we can finally see it today.

We'll actually want to fast switch to our symbol on the video call screen when another update is available. Since the element is still under development and won't be available on video conversations at any time, if we tap "Change to symbol," nothing happens. Additionally, WhatsApp users will be able to send symbols as stickers from within their conversations and meetings. Additionally, this isn't just limited to WhatsApp beta for Android users; in a future version, WhatsApp wants to make avatars available to iOS users as well.

In any case, since these elements are still being worked on, we are as yet sad about the date of their delivery. It's a great chance to pause and consider the proficiency of these elements.

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