How to Schedule a Gmail in 2022 (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Hi! I'll take on the task of  knowing how to schedule an email in Gmail. So, follow me through to the ending. By reading the article, you can learn how to schedule a Gmail in just a few steps.

Gmail introduced a new feature for scheduling emails in (2019-2020). This feature was very much needed. Scheduling an email helps a lot when you want to send it at a particular time.

How to Schedule a Gmail?

  • Open Gmail>Click Compose.

Click on compose

  • Enter the recipient's address.

Enter the address

  • Enter the subject and body and click on the dropdown next to send button.

Click dropdown

  • Pick a predefined Date & Time.

You can pick Predefined

Or Select

  • Your Job is done.

How to Cancel a Scheduled Mail?

Click on the Scheduled mail folder and you should be able to see your scheduled emails.
Select the message you want to cancel and click  CANCEL SEND from the top button which appears after selecting the email.

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