How to add a Whatsapp button for Blogger (Step-by-Step)

Hi! I'll take on the task of installing the WhatsApp live chat widget on your Blogger Blogspot blog in this post. So, follow me through to the ending. By reading the article, you can learn about adding a chat feature to a Blogspot blog in 3 steps.

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Why is a WhatsApp chat button necessary to add to your Blogger blog?

One of the simplest and most widely used messaging platforms nowadays is WhatsApp. It is popular practically everywhere, except in China. And studies indicate that WhatsApp will grow more in the future because it offers the simplest means of communication in many contexts. like text messages, video calls, audio calls, audio snippets captured, etc.
A WhatsApp chat button on a blog might be useful in several ways:

Instead of using the contact us page, your visitors may swiftly address their specific concerns by connecting with you through it.

It creates a funnel so you can communicate with your customers.
Additionally, gathering data like a phone number and address is helpful. Therefore, it aids in luring your clients. It helps to bring more traffic and subscribers. In the short, term, having a WhatsApp button is like heaven for a blog. 

How to add the Whatsapp Chat button to your Blogspot/blogger?

  • Login to your blogger dashboard and click on the layout.

Click on the layout

  • Click on layout>Click Add a Gadget on any of your sidebars.

Find HTML widget

  • Click add a gadget>Then HTML widget

copy the code provided below

  • Now copy the code and add it to the widget.

  •  Replace the pink-colored number with the WhatsApp number

0987654321 -----> 1234567899

  • You can also replace the red color text  

How can help you? -----> Custom text

  • Hopefully, your WhatsApp chat button has been successfully added to your blog. Leave a comment in the comment section and tell us how we can improve our work.

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