Hacker boast biggest data breach, 1 billion people in China hit

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All attention has been directed at China after it recorded one of the biggest data breaches in history. Anonymous individuals claim to have hacked and stolen  23 terabytes of data from 1 billion people. Hackers reportedly sold the data on the dark web for 10 BTC, worth $203,562.

Chinadan  is responsible for the hack. He states that he broke into data held by the Shanghai National Police and obtained a large amount of information related to name, address, national identification number, contact number, and criminal record.

Hackers have published information on the Bleach Forum, a hacker forum. To show that he really has the data, the hacker provided a sample of 750,000 records as evidence! According to ChinaDan, the data was extracted from Alibaba's private cloud (Alibaba's cloud, which is part of China's police network). The

The data breach sparked controversy on Chinese media platforms like Weibo, but censors quickly blocked the keyword search for "Shanghai data breach." Some said it was suspicious at first, but then he used his personal information to search for people on Alipay to identify some of the leaked personal information. Another explained that the leak meant that everyone was walking naked.

The biggest robbery in history?

Experts believe this could be the biggest burst in history. Kendra Schaefer, a technical partner at Trivium China, tweeted that it's difficult to get the truth out of the rumored factory. Michael Gazeley, managing director of NetworkBox, considers such leaks to be fairly common. He pointed out that there are about 12 billion compromised accounts on the dark web. This is more than the total population of the world. Also, keep in mind that most data breaches often come from the United States.

Chesterwisnievsky, the senior research scientist at Sophos, said the breach was potentially embarrassing for the Chinese government. He pointed out that political damage would outweigh the damage to those whose data was leaked. According to Wisniewski, most of the data is similar to that of an advertising agency that runs banner ads. And that's static information, which means it's not interesting at all.

experts say it will be difficult to delete the data. When posted online, it's there forever.

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