MediaTek Emerges as the Preffered Chipset in 2021 for India.

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According to a report published on Friday, MediaTek has emerged as the preferred chipset partner for smartphone OEMs in India in the first half of 2021.

TechARC found that 54 of the 117 smartphone models launched in the first half of this year (Jan-Jun) used a MediaTek processor. It's worth noting that Qualcomm has dominated the 5G smartphone launch race, with 20 out of 35

The OEMs' rigorous testing and evaluation of platforms is the first acid test, even if revenue market share is a factor in sales of smartphones for chipset players. According to the Chief Analyst, Faisal Kawoosa, 

'Atmanirbhar' should be pursued with vigour in this area so that India has a domestic player making chipsets for smartphones and other smart devices shortly Faisal continued, "We have faith in players like Saankhya Labs.".

Snapdragon 888 and MediaTek Helio G35 tied for the top spot with the most smartphone models launched, according to the report. 

MediaTek's Helio G80 and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 732G chipsets were used by smartphone OEMs for 11 variants each.


MediaTek-based smartphones dominated the affordable segment (Rs 6,000 – Rs 12,000) and the mid-segment (Rs 12,001 – Rs 25,000). When it comes to Qualcomm chipsets, the premium segment (Rs 25,001 – Rs 50,000) and the high-end segment (more than Rs 50,000) 

Samsung led the way with 16 launches, followed closely by Realme with 15. On the other hand, Vivo came in third OEMs launched more than one hundred and eighty-eight variants of models in a variety of price segments.

As of late, Mediatek has seen a significant increase in its market share and profitability This is due to the fact that it's processors are very powerful and affordable

As a result, brands such as Realme have relied heavily MediaTek chipset for their budget segment.

In the beginning, MediaTek processors, such as the Helio p-60, were extremely powerful, but their battery consumption was higher

Slowly, however, MediaTek has won over the race.

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